NY Target Store to Vote Friday to Join Union

Workers at a Target store in New York will vote Friday to decide whether to join the largest retail union in the country, which could reportedly have ramifications for Target Corporation and the retail industry.

Minneapolis-based Target Corporation could have its first unionized store by next week if workers at its Valley Stream, New York, store decide to join the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW)-the largest retail union in the country.

On Friday, the store's 260 workers will vote to decide whether to join the UFCW-a decision that could have ramifications for the company and the retail industry, according to the Star Tribune.

The Valley Stream store would be the company's first unionized store if the vote favors joining the union, according to the Minneapolis newspaper. The UFCW reportedly claims that workers are not getting enough hours to support themselves and their kids.

But Jim Rowander, Target's vice president of employee and labor relations, told the Star Tribune that a fired HR executive who wanted to get back at the company has organized the fight to join the union. Rowander added that the company does not hire people to work a mere five or 10 hours a week-a claim that workers have made.

“The claim that people want to work more but can't is simply not true,” Rowander told the Star Tribune, adding that store officials have heard complaints from employees who feel harassed by union supporters.

According to the Star Tribune, neither the union nor Target would predict an outcome for the vote on Friday. But a spokesperson for the UFCW told the newspaper that no matter what happens, the union will try to organize the other 69 Target stores in the New York metro area.