Mayo Solicits Ideas for Its New MOA Facility

The clinic is building a store through which it will gather input from people regarding what it should offer at its new permanent facility at the mega mall.

Mayo Clinic is building a store at Mall of America that will encourage people to talk about what they want and need from their health care experience.

The Create Your Mayo Clinic Health Experience will be a space designed to gather input and inform people of the permanent facility Mayo Clinic plans to build during the Phase II expansion of the Bloomington shopping center.

Slated for a July opening, the store will have “health care experience navigators” who will listen to patients' health and well being needs and goals, and gather ideas for the upcoming facility. Other features include interactive touch-screen units that will inform people about health care, Mayo's programs, and health education classes.

Mayo Clinic has already started taking ideas through an interactive Web site, where it poses questions such as, “What could Mayo Clinic offer you at MOA?” and, “How can Mayo Clinic help you stay healthy?”

“The development of Create Your Mayo Clinic Health Experience will be an exploration of health care, wellness, and targeted prevention,” John La Forgia, a senior administrator for the project, said in a statement. “Mayo is well known as a place for patients to find answers, but we would also like to gather more input about the future of preventive health services.”

Construction of the store began in April. It will be located on the first level of the mall, near the East Market Rotunda.

Rochester-based Mayo Clinic announced in 2009 its intent to build a facility as part of the Mall of America's expansion. The clinic treats more than half a million people each year and operates two of Minnesota's largest hospitals based on number of available beds. It has sites in Rochester; Jacksonville, Florida; and Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona.