Local Ad Exec. Designs Time Magazine Cover

The cover of the magazine's October 10 issue was designed by Brock Davis, creative director of Minneapolis-based advertising agency Carmichael Lynch.

The cover of Time magazine's upcoming issue won't be familiar, but the creative mind behind it just might be to some Minnesotans.

Brock Davis of Minneapolis-based ad agency Carmichael Lynch created an image of the magazine torn in half, which will be featured as the cover of Time's October 10 issue about America's spending divide.


Davis was asked by Time to submit artwork for its upcoming money issue featuring the division in spending between the upper and middle classes in America, according to Carmichael Lynch. He was told that the design might be used for the cover.

In response, Davis created a design with a literal divide down the middle of Time's cover, cutting through the magazine's iconic red border, logo, and a photograph he took of a stack of cash.

“I wasn't sure if they would like the idea of a big slice ripping through their identity, but thankfully, they didn't mind,” Davis said in a statement. “In fact, they loved the idea and gave me the go ahead to execute.”

Given only a day to submit his concept, Davis had to get creative while putting together the cover image. He cut down 2,500 sheets of copy paper to resemble a stack of hundred dollar bills and dusted his son's chalk powder over the fake money to achieve the desired hue. He then added the photo of the stack of cash to a standard Time magazine cover frame and made a split across the cover with an X-Acto knife. To add visual depth to the split, Davis sliced and frayed multiple magazines glued together, photographed them, and placed the images over the split.

Davis received an e-mail from Time-three hours after he sent the final image-notifying him that his design was chosen for the cover, according to Carmichael Lynch.

Davis has been with Carmichael for the past eight years, working for clients such as Jack Link's Beef Jerky and Subaru of America. In his own time, he has done some design work for magazines including Wired, Esquire, and Fast Company.

Carmichael Lynch is Minnesota's third-largest advertising agency based on net revenue, which totals $40.5 million, according to Advertising Age.