Lawyer: No Charges to Be Filed Against Norm Coleman

Attorney Louis Freeh on Tuesday announced that neither former Senator Norm Coleman nor businessman Nasser Kazeminy-who was accused of funneling $75,000 to Coleman-will face charges, as the Justice Department has concluded its investigation.

A 26-month investigation by the Department of Justice related to allegations of wrongdoing during former Senator Norm Coleman's 2008 reelection campaign has ended without criminal charges being filed-a sign of “vindication,” according to attorney Louis Freeh.

Freeh, who served as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 1993-2001, represents Minnesota businessman Nasser Kazeminy, who faced allegations of funneling $75,000 to Coleman through payments to Minneapolis-based Hays Companies, an insurance company where Coleman's wife worked as a broker.

“Sadly, though these allegations were entirely false, they were repeated in hundreds of local and national media reports, which consumed the final days of Minnesota's closely contested U.S. Senate race,” Freeh said in a statement. “As a result, the good names of Mr. Kazeminy and Senator Coleman were gravely injured and tarnished.”

Following the election, the Department of Justice investigated the allegations, and it has now closed the investigation without filing charges against Coleman or Kazeminy, Freeh said.

The allegations stemmed from lawsuits filed by Paul McKim, the founder and former CEO of Texas-based Deep Marine Technologies. McKim also made the accusations against Kazeminy in an interview with reporters from the Star Tribune. The allegations surfaced just before the 2008 election, in which Coleman was defeated by Al Franken by 312 votes.

In a statement provided to Twin Cities Business, McKim said that Tuesday's announcement “reflects the continuing efforts of a very rich and powerful man who, in my opinion, likes to use his influence to manipulate people and distort the truth,” adding that Kazeminy never denied the allegations under oath. “[Kazeminy] can spend and spin however he wants, but nothing Kazeminy does will ever change the truth.”

Regarding the conclusion of the Justice Department's investigation, Coleman said in a statement provided to the Star Tribune that the news “is welcomed but not a surprise,” and his “political opponents turned those lies into multimillion-dollar attacks against my family and Nasser Kazeminy.”