Judge Rules on Additional Shutdown Funding Requests

Chief District Judge Kathleen Gearin on Monday reportedly turned down six requests and approved two requests from organizations asking for funding under the state shutdown.

Chief District Judge Kathleen Gearin reportedly ruled on additional shutdown requests on Monday, turning down six and approving two.

The Pioneer Press reported that Gearin approved the St. Paul Port Authority's request to continue dredging at one of its shipping terminals on the Mississippi River to prevent barges from hitting the river bottom.

In addition, Gearin reportedly ruled that funding of Store to Door, a program that delivers food to the homebound elderly in the Twin Cities, should continue. According to the St. Paul newspaper, Kathleen Blatz-a special master who is hearing petitions for continued funding-recommended that the program receive funding because it's a critical core function of government affecting the life, health, and safety of Minnesota citizens.

Six other petitions were turned down Monday, according to the Pioneer Press:

¥ A request from The Minnesota Trucking Association to reopen rest stops /> ¥ A request to reopen the Minnesota Board of Nursing's licensing program/> ¥ A request from Minnetonka Beach to reopen the offices of the Minnesota Department of Health so that its plans to improve water mains can get a state review /> ¥ A request from auto dealers to restore online electronic access to state motor-vehicle records and the ability to update title information online /> ¥ A request for continued services from the Minnesota Recovery Connection, which provides support services to chemically dependent people /> ¥ A request for continued services from an employment program for disabled workers

Gearin will continue to rule on additional petitions this week, including one from Polymet Mining, which is arguing that it has paid $9.6 million of the state's cost to work on an environmental impact statement for a proposed copper-nickel mining project in northeastern Minnesota, according to the Pioneer Press.