ISES Quick Tips For Event Planners: February 2016

From where do event planners draw their inspiration?

Where do some of Minnesota’s top event professionals draw inspiration for their events? Here’s what seven ISES members told us:
Matthew Trettel (president of The Wedding Guys): I’m inspired by the fashions walking the red carpet. Great fashion evokes an emotion, and colors, textures and design all come together to create an effect. These elements can all be dissected as inspiration. From interior design to event design, fashion can create an endless source of ideas.
Meghan Gustafson (event manager at Basilica Events): Innovation and efficiency are inspirations for my work.  When you work on events that have been around for many years change can be hard but when you find ways to be more effective that elevate your event and increase your impact it can inspire the whole team.
Christie Altendorf, (general manager and director of catering at Bon Appetit Management Company): I'm inspired by subtleties – a casual comment that the client makes about their personal interests, an accent color that a designer gravitates towards or the proprietary spice blend a chef uses in a sauce.  While these are minor details of the overall picture, they're the foundation of why that experience is a memorable one and allows for a platform to create an incredible event.
Seth Leinard (senior event planner at Augsburg College): Inspiration for me comes from learning the story that the client is trying to tell and imagining how to bring it to life.
Shereé Bochenek (creative director of Après Party and Tent Rental): I always ask to see the invitation for the event.  I grab the colors, the graphic, the verbiage as my inspiration and build from there.
Jean Peine (owner of Perimeters Group): Inspiration always starts with the client. You find inspiration in the story the client wants to tell. The more time spent listening to the client, the more the ideas can flow. Collaboration is highly inspiring. Every event has a team of vendors and other partners that are invested in the success of the event. Each, even if they have a small role, inspires when brought into the conversation. Inspiration is contagious!
Michelle Veverka Smith (owner and lead designer of Rudy's Event Rentals): As an artist and creative, I find inspiration in everything from nature to old movies to home decor. Nature gives me a true sense in the color palettes I choose for our tabletop decor. Watching old movies gives me ideas for the vintage pieces I recreate. Essentially, I never really know when the inspiration comes, because it sneaks up. Suddenly, the idea is there.
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