Hubbard’s 2060 Digital Buys Technology Developed by Local Meteorologist Dave Dahl
Photo courtesy of 2060 Digital

Hubbard’s 2060 Digital Buys Technology Developed by Local Meteorologist Dave Dahl

The St. Paul broadcaster’s digital marketing agency has acquired TriggerEX ad delivery technology from Dahl’s company TiWi Digital, improving Hubbard’s advertising platform capabilities.

St. Paul-based broadcaster Hubbard Radio and its digital marketing subsidiary 2060 Digital have purchased TriggerEX ad delivery technology from TiWi Digital. The acquisition aims to appeal to Hubbard and 2060’s advertising partners.
The decision to buy TriggerEX outright comes after Hubbard spent time using the technology and found it significantly effective.

“We have been using the TriggerEX tech for four or five years and not only does it deliver consistently more productive ad campaigns, but it also provides a nimble and timely ad message that our clients have come to expect,” said Bernie Laur, director of digital sales for Hubbard Interactive – Twin Cities.  “And to prove it, our clients come back year after year.”

The technology was launched in 2013 by Totally Interactive Weather (TiWi), a company founded by KSTP-TV meteorologist Dave Dahl and his son Andy Dahl.

TiWi touted that TriggerEX, the company’s core product, was a breakthrough in the delivery of digital advertising, in part because it allowed advertisers to provide more targeted, relevant ads. It does this by enabling the establishment of “triggers,” which can include any data point about a website visitor, from political interests to buying habits. It also contains a capability to change messages on the fly, in a social media-style way – creating a unique display based on the contents of a data feed in real time.

Dahl told TCB in May 2013 that TriggerEX had already been purchased by more than 300 news entities. The sale to Hubbard marks a significant next step.

“We are proud and grateful Hubbard Radio and 2060 Digital have chosen to purchase the TriggerEX advertising technology,” said Dahl in a statement this week. “With Hubbard and 2060, we have stewards that will grow, innovate, and improve the technology and continue their commitment to deliver the productive experience their clients are looking for.”

Hubbard and 2060’s ties to TiWi extends beyond TriggerEX use, as Hubbard made an undisclosed investment into TiWi in 2010 and TiWi has long occupied office space within Hubbard’s St. Paul headquarters. Hubbard also owns KSTP.

The TriggerEX technology will be housed under 2060 Digital, adding to 2060’s own portfolio. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.