How To Make People Love Your Brand

How To Make People Love Your Brand

Little things matter in how the world perceives you.

Coke. Pepsi. Tiffany. Bentley. Las Vegas.

Brand identity means green for business and matters much for longevity. One thing most successful brands have in common is consistent delivery of brand promise. At its best, this consistency translates into pure gratitude from customers.

Learn from the big guys

The same holds true for personal brand. Growing your own brand visibility means you are your own brand ambassador. A person acutely aware of this connection is TitleSmart CEO Cindy Koebele. She often shares these words with her staff and customers: “The little things make the big difference.” Staying true to brand promise stems from her personal dedication to never overlook communication opportunities. Her business team makes it a mission to deliver on TitleSmart’s brand promise in all interactions with customers.

Those little things

Sometimes little things that make a big difference are as simple as returning a phone call or email in a timely fashion. I am amazed at how many business professionals overlook this simple brand-builder. When you stay current with seemingly mundane emails and grow your own brand promise of efficient and timely communication, you will be pleased with the dividends you reap at those times you have a need. However, if your contacts cannot count on a reply to simple business communications, why would they help you or buy from you on the important asks?

I’ve heard recently about recruiters unable to connect with millennials because they do not have voicemail greetings on their phones. This is a turnoff for members of other generations who might actually be trying to hire you.

Make it authentic

For TitleSmart, an authentic commitment to making the customer experience just right means warm chocolate chip cookies and mini gifts or trinkets at closings. Koebele says each closer customizes the setting and even the choice of room to fit the customer at hand. Think about how your business or personal brand would gain from finding authentic ways to show appreciation for your customers and colleagues. When I’ve talked about “intention” in the past, I’ve always said the intention is about you. But the ultimate performance of how you connect your intention with your customer has everything to do with them and their needs.

Gratitude matters

Remember to say “Thank you.” I’ve heard the difference between two finalists often comes down to one sending a personalized note that specifically covered aspects of their time together. In this world of texts, emails and instant messaging, don’t you still smile when you receive a hand-written note in the mail? Taking time to make that small gesture could really go a long way for you and your brand.

Roshini Rajkumar is a personal brand strategist and presence engineer. She is host of News and Views with Roshini Rajkumar on WCCO Radio and author of Communicate That! For additional communication tips, visit Interface with Roshini at