Hormel Hosts “International Bacon Film Festival”

The Austin-based company received approximately 132 submissions for its first bacon film festival, 11 of which will reportedly be shown Thursday at the Sunshine Cinema in New York.

Hormel Foods Corporation’s Black Label brand is sponsoring what the company bills as the first-ever International Bacon Film Festival, according to The Wall Street Journal.
The Austin-based food and meat products manufacturer hired Philadelphia-based video marketing company Poptent earlier this year to help create the film festival, according to the New York newspaper. Hormel and Poptent then solicited submissions for short movies related to bacon.
Product Manager Terrill Bacon, who told the WSJ that his last name “hasn't hurt” his career in the bacon business, said that Hormel narrowed down the roughly 132 submissions it received to 11, based on their superior cinematography, plot, memorability, and “bacon alignment.”
“Within the story, we wanted to make sure there was enough about bacon,” Bacon told the newspaper.
Included in the finalist films is a parody of Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea as well as a “mockumentary” of a photographer that only takes pictures of bacon. The short films will be shown Thursday at the Landmark Theatres’ Sunshine Cinema in New York.
Three winners will be selected at the event, according to the WSJ. The first-place winner will receive $11,000, second place will take home $8,500, and third place will receive $6,000. A “People’s Choice” winner, selected through a public voting process, will take home a year’s supply of bacon, which equates to 26 pounds, Bacon told the WSJ.
Click here to view several of the short films selected for the festival.
Hormel Foods is among Minnesota’s 15 largest public companies based on revenue, which totaled $8.2 billion for the fiscal year that ended last October. The Fortune 500 company employs approximately 19,700 and operates more than 40 U.S. locations.