Rescue On The 15th Green

Rescue On The 15th Green

I was playing at the Edina Country Club a little over a year ago, as a guest of a member. We were playing one hole in front of a group of elderly gentlemen, all probably in their 70s or 80s. One of the guys that I was playing with was bantering back and forth with the group when we’d see them behind us. 

We were on the 15th green walking over a small hill to the 16th tee box, and three of the guys from the other group started yelling at my friend, saying “Mike! Mike!” and pointing to the ground in front of them. It took us a few seconds to realize there was something wrong. I flew over the top of the hill and saw one of their group laying on the ground. No one knew CPR except me. I’d gotten training in college when I was a resident assistant. Immediately, your mind just kicks in to what you were trained to do, so I just tilted his head back, cleared the airway, and began to try to resuscitate him. He was starting to turn blue, and I was showing my friend how to properly breathe into his mouth while I pumped his chest. I grabbed my cell phone out of my bag, dialed 911, and threw it at our other playing partner, telling him to coordinate. Others got in touch with the club house.

We probably worked on him for 15 to 17 minutes before help arrived. He would come in and out—he stopped breathing about three times during that process. We just tried to keep air going to prevent brain damage. I found out later that the chances of saving someone in a situation like that are less than 10 percent. But thankfully, he got to a hospital and fully recovered. He’s back golfing, and I received a nice letter from his family.

Edina Country Club put a plaque up and added a defibrillator on the course, from what I understand.


—Steve Bloom, CEO, Pragmatek Consulting Group