Jim "The Boss" Pohlad

Jim "The Boss" Pohlad

Position: Executive Director, Twins Sports, Inc.

Highlight: Taking over as head of Twins Sports, which oversees the team, in January 2009


Jim Pohlad says he’s first and foremost a Twins fan, like any other. Albeit one whose well-known Twin Cities business family owns the team and who has ultimate say on all financial matters relating to the team—including the building of Target Field.

Taking the business reins from his father, Carl Pohlad, who died in January 2009, and inheriting as well the baseball fandom of his mother, Eloise, who passed away six years earlier, Pohlad is credited by team management with determination to build not just a ballpark for the franchise, but a civic monument that will stand the test of time.

Minnesotans, of course, had a famously complicated relationship with the senior Pohlad and his efforts to gain a public subsidy for Target Field. Jim Pohlad, though, says that his father most wanted to give the team a worthy home and the community a lasting asset.

Asked what he liked most about the new ballpark after so many years under the Teflon roof of the Metrodome, Pohlad quickly answered, “The lush, green grass. I’m standing here looking at it right now, and it’s beautiful. The views of the sky and downtown Minneapolis from along the third base line are great. And I love the concept of Target Plaza, its public spaces, and how so many people will ultimately be able use it.”

Pohlad, however, added that his feelings when the Twins play their first regular season game in Target Field against the Boston Red Sox on April 12 will likely be tinged with a bit of sadness.

“First, I will be thinking of my mom and dad, and the fact that they never got to see Target Field,” he says. “And second, I’ll be thinking of the Metrodome and all the memories the Twins and my family have made there. But third, I’ll be enjoying the sweep and spectacle of seeing such a great new facility filled with Twins fans.”