Dressed To Distress

I was told about a beautiful country club in Palm Beach, Florida, by the name of Everglades. My source told me that not only was the course magnificent, but the clubhouse was exceptional. As luck would have it, I was in Palm Beach in February 2008 and spent four days at a home six blocks from the Everglades Club. My host laughed at me when I asked him to take me to see it. “You can’t get within a block of the club without being stopped!” he said.

This did not deter me at all, and one morning my host, two friends, and I got in a car and proceeded to the Everglades Club. No one stopped us when we arrived. It was noon, so there were lots of elegant people having lunch. We were all wearing shorts . . . cutoffs, running shorts. The tee shirts we wore were equally bad. 

The dining rooms were exquisite, all polished wood, table cloths, and silverware. Everyone was dressed to the nines. We looked bad! We walked through one dining room and into the second, where we encountered the hostess. Her eyes and mouth were wide open when she spotted us. 

“What are you people doing here?”

We said we were just here to see the magnificent Everglades Club. That did not impress her at all. She pushed some kind of button and immediately a security guard appeared and escorted us back to our car and told us that we were not welcome at the Everglades Club, particularly in what we were wearing.


—Peter Vogt, MD, Wayzata Plastic Surgery