Best Use Of Floral

Heather Farrier, Festivities, Inc., for Shades of Blue Wedding
Best Use Of Floral

A bride chose periwinkle accented with shades of purple, fuchsia, and lavender for a backyard tented wedding. Many types of flowers were used to achieve the effect: iris, delphinium, allium, carnations, freesia, lisianthus, mini calla lilies, flowering kale, hanging amaranthus, veronica, lilac, orchids, and hydrangea.

Two arrangements created a backdrop for the ceremony, and floating flowers decorated a pond on the property. At the reception venue, foliage garlands studded with blossoms draped the patio and each table had a bouquet. A six-foot-long hedge of boxwood and iris lined the entrance to the reception. The ballroom featured garlands around the wooden pillars, flower wreaths on the windows, and centerpieces on the buffet tables.


Other nominees:

• Heather Farrier, Festivities, Inc.

• Russell Toscano, Wisteria Design Studio, Ltd.

• Susan Diamond, Jigsaw Unlimited; Mike Draper, Ferguson