Best Public Event Planning And Best Event Photography/Videography

Matthew Trettel, The Wedding Guys; Amy Coppersmith, Coppersmith Photography, for The Wedding Fair
Best Public Event Planning And Best Event Photography/Videography

Designed as a boutique-style shopping experience for 2,000 brides and their guests, a wedding trade show offered a series of designed spaces. A ceremony and reception setting was created in the 150-foot long entrance space. From there, attendees entered a space set for a banquet, including a 16-piece orchestra and ballroom dancers. The designed entrance areas were meant to get attendees thinking about the multiple aspects of wedding planning. A 30-foot entrance wall introduced the theme of the show—White House weddings—and the show sponsors, and helped direct attendees as they came off the escalators.

To create a department-store feel on the trade show floor, the exhibits were grouped into quads and separated by eight-foot walls. Booths were grouped by area of interest or market segments to aid in navigation, and colors and decor elements defined each area.

A fashion show displayed gowns from famous and emerging designers, and “Club Groom”—a nightclub-like space for prospective grooms—included a full bar and seating.

The “Weddings Couture” area—a show within a show—catered to a new demographic. The event’s planners partnered with luxury boutiques and wedding venues to create a unique experience for high-end clientele, including a couture fashion show.

The photographer documented each part of the event, especially the main fashion show, and highlighted the scale of the event.


Other nominees:

(Best Public Event Planning)
• Leah Wong, Minneapolis Downtown Council (2)

(Best Event Photography/Videography)
• Noah Wolf, Noah Wolf Photography, Inc. (2)