Best Event Support Services

Kevin Nelson, Ultimate Events, for New Year’s Event 2009
Best Event Support Services

A restaurant decided to install a tent in an adjacent parking lot for its New Year’s Eve celebration. The tent had to accommodate up to 2,000 people, and had to be installed and removed in just three days. In just a day and a half, a 98-by-147-foot tent; a 40-foot marquee to cover the path from the restaurant to the tent; a stage, hot tub, and mechanical bull inside the tent; and 1.4 million BTUs of heating capacity were installed despite the unpredictable winter weather. The tent was about the same size as the parking lot itself, making for a tight fit. In addition, two 23-foot light poles in the middle of the lot had to be tented over as well. There was no room for error anywhere in the three-day schedule, but the installation and tear-down went smoothly.


Other nominees:

• Tim McVean, AVEX
• Jim Bach and Michael Feldbaum, Apres Party & Tent Rental