Best Event Design And Decor: Budget Under $25,000

Jodi Collen, Augsburg College; Sheree Bochenek, Aprés Party and Tent Rental, for Advent Vespers Donor Dinner
Best Event Design And Decor: Budget Under $25,000

An annual dinner honors major donors to a private Lutheran college and is held after an annual holiday concert. Artwork commissioned for the concert each year provides a theme for the dinner event. “At the Name of Jesus” was the most recent theme; the artwork evoked the shadows cast by trees in the winter and featured white and light- and dark-blue colors. It inspired an ethereal look for the dinner that hinted at winter and starkness, but also shimmered with crystals and soft blue light.

On a small budget, the planners decorated a plain space to create an elegant and luxurious-looking dining room. Because many of the same people attend the dinner each year, it’s important to the client that the event look and feel distinctly different from previous events. The reception area and ballroom featured blue satin linens, crystal votive candles, Christmas trees made of strung crystals, feathers, and sequins, painted willow trees hung with crystal strands, silver and crystal chandeliers, blue and white ceiling draping, and twinkle lights. The path into the banquet room was lined with stark white trees hung with stands of crystal and beads and uplit with blue light. The room was ringed with sheer white fabric that was lit to cast winter-tree-like shadows. Two large crystal trees—made with Manzanita branches painted white—were placed near the stage

The dinner tables featured light and dark blue linens and black chair covers and napkins. All nine types of centerpieces were white and included crystal elements, and the tables also boasted white candles and loose crystals.


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