Hedge Fund Offers $25K Prize in Research Contest

Whitebox Advisors is soliciting research papers that could benefit the investment community-and the winning submission will net a $25,000 prize.

Whitebox Advisors is offering a $25,000 prize to the author of the research paper that it determines could most significantly impact the “art and science of investment.”

The Minneapolis-based hedge fund last month launched a new “research portal” in an effort to curate ideas on sound investment practices. The new Web site, called Whitebox Selected Research, is soliciting nominations for the research contest between now and January 15.

Whitebox Advisors on Tuesday issued a letter to members of the industry outlining the contest guidelines. The letter describes the purpose of the first annual Whitebox Selected Research Awards as twofold: “to promote the most profitable and productive allocation of capital and to bring greater recognition to scholars, investment professionals, journalists, and commentators whose work advances that end.”

“At Whitebox Advisors we've always believed sound ideas breed sound investing,” Whitebox Director of Research Richard Vigilante wrote in an e-mailed statement to Twin Cities Business. “So we've always placed a premium on finding fresh investment insights, especially when backed by powerful research.”

According to Vigilante, there are “floods of [research] pouring out almost unnoticed from academic and industry sources,” and the research contest is meant “to motivate our entire community-academics, money managers, and journalists alike-to help us identify and publicize the best work that can truly help asset managers, investors, and the U.S. economy.”

Among other requirements, the submissions must have been published for the first time in 2011 in a peer-reviewed publication or an “online venue governed by a competent editorial body.” They must also include written permission from the copyright holder to reproduce the winning papers in the Whitebox Selected Research Anthology of the Best Financial Research of 2011.

The first-prize winner will get $25,000, and Whitebox Advisors said it might grant additional prizes or honorable mentions for up to 12 finalists.