GQ: St. Paul Among the Worst-Dressed U.S. Cities

The City of St. Paul ranked 24th on GQ's recently released list of the 40 worst-dressed cities in the country.

St. Paul residents could use a fashion intervention, according to a recently released report from GQ, which ranked the city as one of the nation's 40 worst-dressed cities.

St. Paul comes in as the 24th worst-dressed city in the United States, according to GQ, which pointed out that the city's neighboring counterpart, Minneapolis, is much more fashionable. The publication said that St. Paul's fashion takes after its namesake, “an old, conservative white dude who doesn't care much for earthly fashions.”

GQ did not release any methodology regarding how it compiled its report, although it stated-presumably in jest-that it compiled the list based on “a deeply scientific, irrefutable poll.”

According to GQ, St. Paul is “the kind of place where a Super Kmart doesn't seem like a superfluous eyesore, it's a gosh darn convenient place to purchase appliances, groceries, and yes-clothes-in one big time-saving trip. Meaning there's more hours in the day to watch Matlock or mow the lawn in a giveaway tee and Zubaz.”

The publication went on to say that the “few fashion-minded citizens of St. Paul” can venture over to its more fashionable counterpart, Minneapolis.

Here's a look at the 10 worst-dressed cities, according to GQ. (Click here to read more about why each city was chosen):

1. Boston

2. Los Angeles

3. Pittsburgh

4. Chicago

5. Manhattan

6. Philadelphia

7. Maui

8. Salt Lake City

9. Miami

10. St. Louis

To make sure you aren't cited by the fashion police like St. Paul was by GQ, check out Twin Cities Business' summer style guide, featured in the June issue.