Google Debunks Rumor About Best Buy, Google Glass

Google Debunks Rumor About Best Buy, Google Glass

Despite a rumor that was circulated last week, Best Buy said it has no partnership with Google to announce, and a Google official said Google Glass will not appear in Best Buy stores next year.

Tech blogger Robert Scoble wrote in an online post last week that he’d “heard an interesting rumor.”

The rumor: Google intends to rent 6,000 square feet inside each Best Buy store next year, and an unnamed source claimed the plan is to sell the company’s much anticipated Google Glass technology.

The following day, shares of Best Buy climbed more than 4 percent to close at $35.20. The Richfield-based company’s stock has been on a tear amid signs that its turnaround plan is working, and while the impact of Scoble’s comments on the stock’s movement are unclear, the Pioneer Press suggested that Wall Street gave the rumor some credence.

It now appears, however, that the rumor was incorrect.

“At this point, we do not have any plans to announce,” a Best Buy spokesperson told the Pioneer Press. “However, as our CEO Hubert Joly said during [an earnings call] this week, if a partnership makes sense for our customers, the vendor, and Best Buy, we would be open to considering expansion.”

Such an “expansion” would build on similar store-within-a-store partnerships that Best Buy has launched with Samsung and Microsoft Windows. When recently announcing strong second-quarter results, Joly said those partnerships are “enriching our retail customer experience.”

While Best Buy’s statement doesn’t deny the possibility of a partnership with Google, technology news outlet TechCrunch reported that a Google official debunked Scoble’s rumor. It cited a Twitter post in which Google’s Chris Dale said Google Glass will not come to Best Buy in 2014. Dale also reportedly denied earlier speculation that the product would cost $299.

Scoble specified in his original post that the partnership was just a rumor, and that he’s not a journalist. (In fact, he recommended that TechCrunch attempt to verify the rumor.) Fortune pointed out that, while it’s quite possible that Best Buy and Google are in some sort of talks, rumors that are accompanied by “a ridiculous assertion”—such as the idea that a Google space would occupy 6,000 square feet in a Best Buy store—should be “taken with a couple of cases of salt.”