General Dynamics Closes MN Facility, 100 Lose Jobs

The company's C4 Systems unit is closing its Bloomington facility, resulting in more than 100 employees being laid off. The closure is due to a terminated U.S. Army contract.

More than 100 employees will soon be out of work due to the closure of General Dynamics' C4 Systems facility in Bloomington.

Fran Jacques, director of strategic communication for the company's C4 Systems unit, said that employees were notified Thursday that they will be released in July. She said that the facility will close due to a terminated U.S. Army contract.

The unit's Bloomington facility was doing contract work on integrated computer systems for Boeing Company, which had the contract with the U.S. Army under its Brigade Combat Team Modernization strategy.

“We got a directive from Boeing to stop the work,” Jacques said.

Jacques would not disclose any information about possible severance packages for employees who will be laid off in July, but she did say that the company will assist employees in finding other employment opportunities both within and outside of the company.

A majority of the employees affected by the closure are engineers, Jacques said in a Thursday phone interview, adding that all the work that was being done at the facility was for Boeing and employees were previously made aware of the possible termination of the contract.

General Dynamics' C4 Systems has more than 10,000 employees and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jacques said that no other C4 Systems facilities are closing at this time.

General Dynamics' Advanced Information Systems unit also has operations in Bloomington, but employees there will not be affected by the terminated contract. That unit employs more than 600 in Bloomington and focuses on precision manufacturing and high-performance computing development.