Form the “K” and Swing Away

Form the “K” and Swing Away

The first thing every player needs to do is form an image before swinging the club. With the proper image, you can create a feel. Once the feel is established, the change you want in your swing will happen.

Great ball strikers never hit a slice, yet it is the shot pattern that plagues the majority of club golfers. The only way club golfers can really start improving their golf game is to learn how to hit a draw. This shot pattern will start the ball flight slightly right of the target line and then it will curve back towards the target.

Remember, the three most important things are the height, flight, and direction of the ball. We’ve found that forming the image of a reverse K creates the perfect draw shot.


Common observations of perfect bodyassembly at address:

• The K position fits the perfect posture for swinging the club;

• It keeps the left arm in line with the shaft of the club for a controlled swing radius;

• It also gives you a very clear sight to the backside of the ball;

• It sets the right knee inside the right heel to provide stability.