Felhaber Buys St. Paul Law Firm

Rosene, Haugrud & Staab brings five employees to Felhaber, Larson, Fenlon & Vogt's practice, including three lawyers who will join the firm's employee benefits group.

Minneapolis-based Felhaber, Larson, Fenlon & Vogt, PA, announced Friday that it has acquired St. Paul-based Rosene, Haugrud & Staab, Chartered-a move that will add three licensed attorneys to Felhaber's practice.

The firms did not disclose the financial terms of the acquisition.

The three lawyers from Rosene, Haugrud & Staab-Peter Rosene, Andrew Staab, and Thomas Haugrud-have joined Felhaber's employee benefits group. Two other employees, a legal assistant and an accounting professional, also joined Felhaber.

Christopher Hayhoe, Felhaber's president, told Twin Cities Business that the firm has been in talks with Rosene, Haugrud & Staab for several months about the acquisition and integrating the firm into its employee benefits group, adding that Rosene, Haugrud & Staab has extensive experience in employee benefits.

Rosene, Haugrud & Staab was founded in 1985 and specializes in multi-employer and -employee retirement, health and apprenticeship plans, real estate, corporate, probate, and collections.

Hayhoe said that Felhaber is looking to further expand this year both organically and through acquisitions in a few other practice areas, but he would not disclose further details.

“We are hoping to replicate this [acquisition] sometime soon with other areas,” Hayhoe said.

Felhaber has two offices-one in Minneapolis and one in St. Paul. The new employees will work out of its St. Paul office, which will serve as the home of its employee benefits group.

Felhaber, which was founded in 1943, is among the state's 15-largest law firms based on its number of licensed Minnesota attorneys, which now totals 60.