Comcast to Hire 450 at New MN Call Center

Comcast is immediately seeking experienced and "technologically savvy" workers for its new Minnetonka facility. The company said that it chose Minnesota for the center due to its attractive work force demographics.

Comcast Corporation will open a new call center in Minnetonka this summer-a move that will result in the hiring of 450 new workers.

Company spokeswoman Mary Beth Schubert said in a Thursday phone interview that the company currently employs about 1,900 people in the state.

The Philadelphia-based company is seeking workers with two years of experience and who are “technologically savvy or aware,” Schubert said. New workers will undergo a seven-week training period, and the company hopes to fill all 450 positions by the first quarter of 2012.

“We're looking at a whole new way of delivering customer service through new technology and sophisticated tools to ensure that our customers reach the right agent,” Schubert said.

The company is “still determining compensation,” but the call center employees will be full-time workers with a base salary plus commission, as well as full benefits. They will also receive discounted Comcast services.

Schubert said that the company chose Minnetonka as the home of its new call center after a “rigorous selection process” that found that Minnesota was an attractive location due to its “education level, health of the economy, low unemployment rate, and talent pool.”

The call center's employees will field calls from Comcast's western markets, which include the Twin Cities, Salt Lake City, Houston, Denver, San Francisco, and Seattle, among other cities.

The new call center will be located at 9705 Data Park Drive, the current home of a Comcast facility that employs between 100 and 150 workers from across a variety of areas, including construction jobs. Some of those workers will be transferred to Comcast's Minnesota headquarters in St. Paul-which currently employs about 700, Schubert said.

The call center will occupy about 98,000 square feet in the three-story building, which will be upgraded to accommodate the larger work force.

The positive news of Comcast's new hires comes as the Twin Cities has experienced a shake-up in the med-tech industry-including 268 layoffs at Medtronic and significant cuts at Boston Scientific.