Cold Spring Rides Craft Beer Wave, Plans Expansion

Cold Spring Brewing Company has plans to modernize its brewhouse and increase its capacity as it takes part in the growing craft beer trend.

Cold Spring Brewing Company plans to capitalize on the growing demand for craft beer by investing between $9 million and $10 million to upgrade and expand its brewery, according to a report by the St. Cloud Times.

The newspaper, citing Cold Spring's Vice President and General Manager Doug DeGees, reported that the 10-month construction project could begin this summer. The brewery plans to transition from a two-vessel brewhouse to one that uses a five-vessel process-which involves additional equipment that will allow for making more beer and testing new styles.

Cold Spring, which last year phased out production of the iconic Gluek beer brand as demand for its other products exceeded the company's brewing capacity, told Twin Cities Business in August that it planned to focus on craft beers and expand its facility.

Cold Spring produces about 25 million cases of its products annually, including beer, water, juice, and energy drinks, according to the St. Cloud Times. The expansion is expected to increase beer production by about 3 million cases a year.

In another sign that local craft brewing is gaining steam-enough to change long-standing liquor laws-Governor Mark Dayton last week signed the “Surly bill.”.

The new law-which creates a new category of license that allows Minnesota beer makers to sell their beer at their breweries-was the result of efforts by Brooklyn Center-based Surly Brewing Company, which has plans to open a $20 million “destination brewery.”