Carlson Marketing Changes Name to Aimia

As its parent company adopts a new name and brand identity, Carlson Marketing will operate as Aimia going forward.

Loyalty marketing firm Carlson Marketing announced Wednesday that it will now operate under a new name-Aimia.

The change is part of Carlson Marketing's parent company-Montreal-based consumer loyalty giant Groupe Aeroplan-adopting a new brand identity. Going forward, Groupe Aeroplan will also be known as Aimia.

The change affects Groupe Aeroplan's business-to-business brands, which include Carlson Marketing and LMG Insight & Communication in London. The company's consumer-facing brands, including Nectar and Air Miles Middle East, will remain unchanged.

The company hopes that the new brand name and tagline-“inspiring loyalty”-will help it increase its market share and customer base.

The Canadian company acquired Carlson Marketing from Minnetonka-based Carlson in 2009. Since then, Carlson Marketing has operated as an independent subsidiary and has remained in Minneapolis.

Carlson Marketing has designed loyalty programs for consumer brands such as Delta Air Lines, Bank of America, and Walmart. Its parent employs about 2,000 people worldwide, including 471 in the Twin Cities.