Buffalo Wild Wings Opens Its First Restaurant In Mexico

The restaurant chain hopes to attract Mexican citizens to its new locations and isn’t targeting tourism-heavy cities.

Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc., announced Monday that it opened its first of 30 restaurants it has planned for Mexico.
The Golden Valley-based restaurant chain said that the new eatery, in the city of Chihuahua, is operated by HEMA—one of three restaurant groups in Mexico that will be opening Buffalo Wild Wings franchise locations over the next few years.

The other Mexican franchise groups, Grupo SE and BWW Foods, will each be opening a restaurant in mid-January, in Mérida and Monterrey, respectively.  
“As we explore new markets, we take the time to learn about the countries, cultures, and potential partners,” Buffalo Wild Wings CEO Sally Smith said in a statement. “We are pleased to be working with three franchise partners in Mexico who all have extensive experience in restaurants and retail—and most importantly, a deep understanding of the market and our target guest.”
The restaurants in Mexico will feature Buffalo Wild Wings’ new restaurant design, which it launched last year and is meant to create a more stadium-like atmosphere, emphasizing sports viewing with “wall-to-wall” high-definition televisions.
Buffalo Wild Wings said it expects its Mexican restaurants to primarily serve Mexican citizens and is not targeting tourism-heavy areas.
Buffalo Wild Wings began its international expansion in 2011 with a push into Canada, where it now has 14 locations. Last spring, the company revealed plans to expand into the Middle East and Puerto Rico; it said at the time that it signed an agreement to open about 22 locations across six countries in the Middle East over the next six years and another agreement to open four locations in Puerto Rico over the next four years. Most recently, in late August, Buffalo Wild Wings said it was also adding the Philippines to its international expansion plan. The company plans to open the first restaurants in the three regions in 2014.

Buffalo Wild Wings was founded in 1982 and currently has more than 975 locations across 49 states and Canada, including 29 in Minnesota.