Backers Of Immigration Reform Aim To Regain Momentum

Keith Ellison is among those who have vowed to renew focus on the passage of immigration reform.

Advocates for the passage of immigration reform continue to push for their cause, despite concerns that the government shutdown may have stalled momentum in Congress.

U.S. Representative Keith Ellison—a Minnesota Democrat who was recently arrested alongside labor leaders during an immigration reform rally in Washington, D.C.—believes the time is right for Congress to renew efforts to address federal immigration reform, according to a Star Tribune report. (Read the full story here.)

Twin Cities Business conducted an in-depth examination of the immigration reform debate in its August cover story. The feature story chronicled how business groups have, often behind the scenes, been championing immigration reform, because the state’s labor pool relies on it.

Meanwhile, a Minnesota Chamber of Commerce official, whose organization is part of a coalition that is advocating for immigration reform, said in a recent interview that the future of the state’s labor force relies heavily on immigrants.