Are On-Site Clinics Rebounding?

According to the Pioneer Press, on-site health clinics like the one HealthPartners is opening in the Anoka County Courthouse might be regaining some steam as the economy improves.

HealthPartners announced last week that it is opening an on-site health clinic in the Anoka County Courthouse for county employees, a move that may be part of a growing trend now that the economy is improving, according to the Pioneer Press.

The St. Paul newspaper reported that there was a slowdown in demand for on-site clinics during the recession, particularly in 2009, because employers were hesitant to invest in the up-front cost of building workplace clinics, according to John Hansen, the director of worksite health at HealthPartners.

Hansen told the Pioneer Press that employers have started looking at on-site clinics again now that the “worst of the recession” has gone by. In addition to the courthouse site, Hansen said that HealthPartners has an agreement with another unnamed local employer to open another on-site clinic this year.

The Bloomington-based insurance company gave presentations to about 25 to 30 employers in 2010 about the possibility of opening on-site clinics for their employees, which was about twice the number of presentations that were given during 2009, Hansen told the Pioneer Press.

“Companies were reluctant to put the investment in,” Hansen said in an interview with the Pioneer Press. “Now, they're starting to look at . . . the purpose of these clinics. It's to improve medical costs and increase productivity.”