America’s Next Great Restaurant Already Closed

The Soul Daddy restaurant concept that recently opened three locations as a prize for winning a reality show has reportedly already closed all of its locations, including one at the Mall of America.

Soul Daddy, winner of NBC's reality show America's Next Great Restaurant, has reportedly closed its doors after being open for barely more than eight weeks.

Jamawn Woods opened three restaurant locations after winning the television competition, and the final restaurant-located at the Mall of America (MOA)-closed on Tuesday, according to a report by the Star Tribune. The other two locations were in New York and Los Angeles and closed in mid-June.

Josh Furman, a manager at Soul Daddy MOA, told the Star Tribune that the closing came as a surprise, as the restaurant was actually adding new menu items. Employees of the restaurant were reportedly given referrals to a recruiter for Chipotle restaurants.

ANGR Holdings, which owned the restaurant, issued a statement describing the closure as “a difficult decision . . . but the restaurant simply was not performing as we had hoped.”

A report by looks at some of the reasons why the business may have failed and points out that the judges who told eliminated contestants, “We will not be investing in your restaurant,” may now be wishing they hadn't said that.