3M Promotes the Many Uses of Post-its in $10M Campaign

3M Promotes the Many Uses of Post-its in $10M Campaign

The campaign, which spans television commercials, online ads, the Post-it note website, and social media platforms, depicts creative uses of the iconic product.

For many, 3M Company’s iconic Post-it Notes are far more than sticky pieces of paper on which to pen to-do lists.

That's what the Maplewood-based company is trying to convey in a new advertising campaign—which reportedly has a $10 million budget—that depicts nontraditional ways in which people use them.

3M’s new campaign focuses on the theme, “Go Ahead,” and it recreates examples of creative Post-it note uses. The television commercial below, for example, depicts an event that occurred in Massachusetts, where passers-by covered a store window with Post-its containing responses to the question, “What inspires you?” It also shows teachers who found innovative uses for spicing up classroom lessons and people who placed thousands of colored Post-its on a wall to create an enormous, pixelated image.

The campaign spans television commercials, online ads, the Post-it note website, and social media platforms, according to a report by The New York Times. The effort is atypical in that it shows uses for the product as discovered by customers, rather than marketing new uses as developed by the company, the newspaper reported.

Jesse Singh, vice president for the stationery and office supplies division of 3M, told The New York Times that the campaign is “a component of our overall revitalization strategy with the business and the brand.”

The campaign has already begun, and it was created by New York-based marketing firm Grey New York. Minneapolis agency Zeus Jones is reportedly working with 3M on the digital strategy component.

To read more about the campaign in The New York Times, click here.

3M’s Post-it note campaign comes on the heels of strong fourth-quarter financial performance—the news of which drove 3M’s stock to an all-time high last week. A 4.2 percent growth in total revenue for the quarter was driven mainly by 3M’s consumer and office business unit, which makes Post-it notes.

The Post-it note was conceived in the 1970s when Art Fry, a Minnesotan and former 3M scientist, used a light adhesive to create a sticky bookmark.

The company has introduced a variety of new products under the Post-it note brand, including a smartphone application called Post-it PopNotes App, which lets users draw, write, or type on digital Post-it notes. 3M also introduced the Post-it Big Pad, containing Post-its that are significantly larger than traditional ones.

3M is Minnesota’s fifth-largest public company based on revenue, which totaled $29.9 billion in its most recent fiscal year.