3M Pledges to Ramp Up Volunteer Program
A team of 3M employees participate in an international sustainability project. (Photo from a 3M video).

3M Pledges to Ramp Up Volunteer Program

The company says it will give employees 300,000 work hours to volunteer for sustainability-focused projects.

Manufacturing giant 3M on Tuesday said it will allow employees to use more work time to volunteer for sustainability projects.

The company has pledged to provide 300,000 work hours for sustainability-focused volunteerism, 3M officials said in a news release. The move comes as an expansion of 3M Impact, the company’s skills-based service program.

Under the new program, 3M plans to send 200 employees to 15 cities around the world to work with nonprofits, organizations, and local municipalities on sustainability initiatives.

“NGOs, universities and social enterprises around the world face resource constraints to address challenges in their communities,” said Gayle Schueller, 3M VP and chief sustainability officer, in the release. “With this new goal, we’re empowering our employees to give back … by leveraging their professional skills to help organizations reach their goals.”

To help facilitate the projects performed under the new initiative, 3M will look to its existing advisory firm partner PYXERA Global.

“People want to work for companies that are purpose-driven,” said Gavin Cepelak, senior VP, Global Pro Bono at PYXERA Global, in the release. “This new commitment will make 3M Impact the fastest-growing skills-based global pro bono program.”

3M also aims to give employees more opportunities to volunteer in their immediate communities.