The “Uber” of Snow Removal is Ready for its First Minnesota Winter
Photo courtesy of Lawn Love.

The “Uber” of Snow Removal is Ready for its First Minnesota Winter

From a California-based startup that offers on-demand lawn care comes a new on-demand snow removal app. No contracts, no shoveling.

When it comes to snow removal, there are planners and there are laborers. The planners pony up every fall for a snow removal contract, taking a gamble that it will snow more than an inch enough times to justify the seasonal rate. The laborers spend the winter knowing they may have to shovel before heading out to work, and again at the end of the day. In the wide space in between, comes a new app that doesn’t require a contract or any heavy lifting. 

This on-demand service model worked for lawn mowing, so San Diego-based Lawn Love is now determined to become the “Uber” of snow removal. The snow removal app just launched in 20 cold weather markets, including the Twin Cities. 

Lawn Love partners with local plow services and dispatches them, based on availability and proximity, as requests come in. Lawn Love founder and CEO Jeremy Yamaguchi says he is trying to provide a quick-fix solution. While the app could discourage some Minnesotans from signing a snow removal contract, Yamaguchi says his service can actually augment business for local plow companies, since Lawn Love handles weather tracking, route planning, payment processing, customer acquisition and service.

“This ultimately means that the contractors can clear more snow from more properties as they spend less time doing the backend business work,” Yamaguchi says. 

Customers can order, pay, and review the service right on the app. Pricing varies based on the area a customer requests to be plowed. Quotes are given based on satellite images of a user’s property combined with estimated provider costs. Average is $45 per service. Lawn Love also offers seasonal plans at a lower per-use rate.
Lawn Love launched in 2014 and now works with thousands of independent contractors in more than 120 cities across the country. The startup employs a team of 90. Expanding into snow removal has been easy, even for the California-based company, Yamaguchi says. 

“Many of our lawn care providers, work in snow removal in the winter time,” he says. “In the long term, we believe that this business model, with increased technological capabilities, will be the future of home services.”