Jude Bricker


Sun Country Airlines




2021, Alumni: Following record operating results in 2019, the world expected more growth and an IPO from Sun Country. Instead, Covid-19 brought the industry to its knees. But between Jude Bricker’s strategic partnership with Amazon to fly packages, a market niche focused on leisure travel, and a lean, flexible operating structure, Sun Country is not among the industry’s basket cases. And an IPO is not out of the question in ’21.

2018, Make or Break: Plucked by owner Marty Davis from Allegiant Air, Sun Country’s new CEO is the first pilot of the airline with industry experience in many years. He is charged with improving the airline’s modest profitability to help it better withstand the next industry downturn. He plans to move the airline to an a la carte pricing model with fewer free frills. There are also stated plans to reduce the airline’s reliance on MSP-based flying, though that’s been tried before with limited success. Sun Country is rather singular in the aviation industry in size and market position and many wonder how it continues to exist. Marty Davis expects Jude Bricker to make that case on the balance sheet more emphatically.