Alissa Light

Alissa Light

Executive director

Family Tree Clinic




When Alissa Light took over Family Tree Clinic 10 years ago, the 49-year-old clinic was something of a secret in a basement near the Macalester College campus in St. Paul. Light has since grown it to serve 22,000 people a year, 60 percent of whom identify as LGBTQ+, 68 percent of whom identify as women, 50 percent of whom are people of color, and 20 percent of whom have recently experienced housing instability. Family Tree Clinic is the leading source of gender-affirming hormone care for queer, trans, and gender-nonconforming folk in a seven-state region. “When I think about what’s special about Family Tree, I think of the words of one of our patients. ‘I’m free in my body for the first time because of the care I got at Family Tree,’ ” says Light. “And we’re going to do so much more in the coming years.” Like break ground on a new clinic in Minneapolis near Franklin and Nicollet.