On The Hot Seat

Brian Cornell

Brian Cornell

2021, Alumni: Brian Cornell remained calm and steady in the face of unprecedented challenges and supply chain shortages, while an agile response to constantly changing conditions drove soaring Q2 profits,
Michael Goar

Michael Goar

Michael Goar is the latest occupant of the hottest seat in Minneapolis’ public sector—the superintendent’s chair of the public schools. And to make the seat even hotter, his occupancy may

Jon Cherry

Toronto-based PolyMet’s reason for being is nonferrous mining in the Duluth Complex—a geological region near the Iron Range reportedly loaded with platinum, copper and other precious metals. At press time,

Joe Payne

Code42 was having a bit of a rough year before Joe Payne stepped in. Despite continued growth, observers thought the darling of the Minneapolis tech scene seemed panicked after it

Jim Eppel

On June 22, Jim Eppel assumed the title of CEO of UCare from retiring Nancy Feldman. Less than a month later, he was facing what could be a fight for

Dean Johnson

Dean Johnson has served as majority and minority leader of the Minnesota Senate and as a brigadier general in the U.S. Army National Guard, and is a longtime Lutheran pastor

Anne Damen

Food is big business for Minneapolis-based Target, accounting for roughly one-fifth of the company’s sales ($72.6 billion in fiscal 2014). But CEO Brian Cornell is looking to overhaul and update

Beth Goetz

Beth Goetz moved into the A.D.’s chair this summer on the heels of Norwood Teague’s sexting episodes. Teague was hired for his fundraising prowess, but the U is now facing