Joe Anthony

Lawyers and golf--they just sort of go together, particularly for Joe Anthony. In 2008, he became the general counsel for the United States Golf Association, all while maintaining his business

Lewis A. Remele Jr.

Remele has been named No. 1 on the Minnesota Super Lawyers list so many times (10) that it could be renamed the Super Lew list. He does have a lot
Andrew Humphrey

Andrew Humphrey

It's not an easy thing to merge two large law firms, but that's what Humphrey pulled off not long ago when he took then-Faegre & Benson through an integration process

Tom Fraser

A common perception of most lawyers is that they're confrontational and aggressive. Tom Fraser goes the other way. He is known for his preternatural calm. He's helped find solutions to

Annamarie Daley

It's not every attorney who grew up riding an Arctic Cat snowmobile and now makes arguments on the company's behalf. But that's pretty much Daley, who is far from your

Peter Carter

There's perhaps no attorney in town more aptly defined by his work as a securities litigator as he definitely gives his clients a sense of security. Carter serves as the