Chris Gauron

Founder, partner, and CEO, Voro


In May 2009, Chris Gauron founded Minneapolis-based digital strategy agency Voro, which specializes in leading the strategy, execution, and analysis of digital marketing solutions to foster growth and audience reach. In addition to building the customer-facing side of Voro, Gauron has focused on making his agency better for his employees. The agency also has six separate initiatives to improve processes across the company, as well as a goal to improve how time is spent for every client. In addition to a generous PTO policy, his employees have access to three-week sabbaticals, paid volunteer time, three floating holidays, safe and sick time, and three four-day weekends per year. As a result, employee retention at Voro remained near 100% during 2022, with an average tenure of four years. Voro’s fee billings have more than doubled since 2020 to $4.2 million.