Tru Pettigrew

Tru Pettigrew

Chief diversity officer

Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynx




Leading diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts for a professional sports organization demands a utility player with the trust and respect of high-profile athletes and the relationships to make an impact in the community. The Timberwolves found that in Tru Pettigrew, who came from the marketing world to serve as vice president of player programs and was elevated in September to the diversity exec for the entire organization, including the Lynx, Iowa Wolves, and T-Wolves Gaming. He also supports equity training and planning for parent company Taylor Corp. “My role is primarily to be a bridge builder [by] helping those in positions of power and influence recognize that the people on the receiving end of marginalization and discrimination—the people feeling that sting the most—are the ones best positioned to identify what the solutions need to be.”