Sylvia Strobel, President/CEO, Twin Cities PBS (TPT) Sylvia Strobel, President/CEO, Twin Cities PBS (TPT)

Sylvia Strobel

President/CEO, Twin Cities PBS (TPT)




Sylvia Strobel started her new job in February, taking over the role held by Jim Pagliarini for 20 years. She was most recently chief operating officer for Ideastream, a public radio and TV broadcaster serving Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. She was deputy counsel for TPT in the mid-’90s and served as senior vice president and general counsel for St. Paul-based American Public Media Group from 2014 to 2017. “We have really moved aggressively into the education space. … Certainly the pandemic has opened a door for us working with educators and families in the community,” says Strobel. TPT just landed a grant that will fund Mashopolis, its third national show aimed at kids. “I see that as a real growth area.”