Shareen Luze

Shareen Luze

Head of culture and field experience

RBC Wealth Management-U.S.



RBC has made a concerted effort to attract more women to financial services careers, and it has worked. But Shareen Luze is not resting on that accomplishment. “We haven’t been able to move the dial for people of color,” says Luze, who is working all angles, from mentorship programs with historically Black colleges and universities to workplace flexibility and fostering a culture of belonging. “This industry is not particularly sexy to the next generation, and then you layer on barriers. We’re trying to show that there are so many different types of roles. ... It isn’t just brokers.” Based in Minneapolis, Luze leads human resources for RBC’s U.S. team with offices in 45 states, but she still remembers colleagues’ birthdays. “In my job, I look out for every dimension of the employee.”

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