Marion Parke

Founder/CEO/creative director

Marion Parke




Luxury women’s footwear brand Marion Parke lacks the name recognition—and, based in Minneapolis, the posh address—of Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo, but it has something those industry giants don’t: a foot surgeon at the helm. Parke stepped away from her podiatry practice to launch a shoe collection that balances fashion with function. Ask any woman at the end of a cocktail party, and she’ll tell you a chic 3-inch heel that doesn’t kill your feet is worth $650 per pair. The owners of Minnetonka Moccasin agree; they recently came on board as Parke’s first investors and advisors. Just two years in, Marion Parke shoes, produced in a top Italian factory, are already sold at Bloomingdale’s and top boutiques nationwide. Parke says 2019 promises to be a big growth year, with plans for a wholesale expansion and a big direct-to-consumer push.