Jake Spano

Jake Spano


St. Louis Park



St. Louis Park is a good place to be these days. What was once a sleepy bedroom community of tiny lots and housing all built in the same decade is now a sweet-spot suburb where housing is still somewhat affordable, and property taxes moderate, in an ideal location between Minneapolis and the western ’burbs. Jake Spano presides over the city on a part-time basis, and he's focused on maintaining the kind of services next-door Minneapolitans envy, while working to create density in the Southwest Light Rail corridor, as well as tackling housing affordability, equity issues, and transportation solutions. Spano says SLP has one of the highest percentages of single-female residents in the metro because of its safety and livability. Many observers figure Spano has larger political aspirations, but he says he’s more focused on spreading SLP’s gospel to other urban civic execs looking for models of high-functioning communities.

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