Hubert Joly


Best Buy


Joly, who left the Carson travel conglomerate for Best Buy in August 2012, has taken the company from code blue to Renew Blue, a five-part intiative designed to resuscitate the irconic brand. Tackling Best Buy's strategic, operational and organizational challenges while boosting sales and earning has been "a delight," says Joly, who adds that "America loves a comeback and underdog." He also reveled in solving an "extraordinary shareholders challenge" that culminated in founder Dick Schulze rerturning to the company as chairman emeritus in March. Holy's cheerful insistence that "there's no place like Best Buy" conjures up Judy Garland clicking her keels while clutching a PC and an Xbox. That's fitting, given that analysts thought Joly's plan was a long shot; just call him the Wizard of Odds.