Erin Flavin

Erin Flavin





Like many people, Erin Flavin realized that she had been drinking too much during the pandemic. The owner of Honeycomb salon in Minneapolis had to close down her business in the days of lockdown, and to fill the time, she would drink with friends as a way to cope. Ultimately, she came to understand that while she needed the social time to get through the isolation, her body didn’t need the alcohol. As she began to research nonalcoholic drinks, she had a vision to create a space where people could gather and socialize (the best part of drinking, really) while sipping. Marigold grew out of the vacant space adjoining the salon. The bottle shop sells no alcohol, though it does sell THC beverages, and Flavin plans to host tastings, seminars, and speakers as a part of boosting an alcohol-free lifestyle.

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