Amin Aaser

Amin Aaser

Co-founder/executive director

Noor Kids



Formed in 2012, Noor Kids went from a weekend side hustle to a full-fledged investment under Amin Aaser and co-founder Mohammed Aaser. Now, the New Hope-based Noor Kids operates as a subscription-based educational program for Muslim children. The goal is to build character through books and live storytelling, which has touched 250,000 homes across the U.S. and Canada so far. Formerly in finance with Cargill, General Mills, and 3M, Aaser decided to focus on Noor Kids to lean into his philosophy that “innovation starts with empathy.” By next spring, Noor Kids will launch its first animated series with the goal to partner with large streaming providers like Netflix to expand the program’s reach.

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