Adam Fetcher

Vice president of environmental impact and policy

Askov Finlayson




Askov Finlayson made national headlines in January with a pledge to begin calculating the annual cost of its carbon footprint and donate 110 percent of that amount to organizations dedicated to ameliorating climate change. Adam Fetcher holds the calculator, and he’s advising company owner Eric Dayton on where to write the check. A Minnesota native, Fetcher served as deputy national press secretary for President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign and went on to serve as communications director for Patagonia, perhaps the highest-profile environmentally active clothing brand. His arrival at Askov Finlayson in 2017 was a sign that the North Loop retailer and apparel wholesaler is ready to act on its “Keep the North Cold” campaign. Fetcher’s goal is to prove that a small company can create a new model for mission-driven retail.