Logo Usage Policy | 2022 Super Real Estate Agent™ and 2022 Super Mortgage Professionals™  

Read the usage policy before downloading the logos hyperlinked at the bottom of the page.

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine and Twin Cities Business retain the ownership of the 2022 Super Real Estate Agent and Super Mortgage Professional logos. The logo license grants only professionals who purchased a profile use of the logo. Use of the logo is not extended to offices, brokerages or firms without express written permission from Mpls.St.Paul Magazine and Twin Cities Business.

2022 Super Real Estate Agent and Super Mortgage Professional logos cannot be used in print or online prior to October 17, 2022.

Do not change the colors of the logo.

Do not remove the TM from any logo.

Your Files:
The logo is provided in a high-resolution .jpg format. If another format of the file is needed please email supermortgageprofessionals@tcbmag.com.

Writing it out:
When writing, always use the following: 2022 Super Real Estate Agents™ or 2022 Super Mortgage Professional™. Always use the superscripted TM the first time Super Real Estate Agent/Super Mortgage Professional™ appears in text on a page.

When using the logo on your website we request you hyperlink the logo back to its respective website: http://www.superrealestateagents.com OR https://supermortgageprofessionals.com/ . 

If you have any questions, contact:
Mpls.St.Paul Magazine | Twin Cities Business
953 Westgate Dr., Suite 107, St. Paul, MN 55114

To download a logo, click the link which will open the logo as a webpage, then right click to “save as”:
Super Real Estate Agent (Vertical)
Super Real Estate Agent (Horizontal)
Super Mortgage Professional (Vertical)
Super Mortgage Professional (Horizontal)