Vikings Hire 18-Year-Old “Gen Z” Consultant
Jonah Stillman

Vikings Hire 18-Year-Old “Gen Z” Consultant

The latest generation is entering the workforce—and emerging as a powerful group of consumers.

The Minnesota Vikings hired a recent high school graduate to help the team connect with the next generation of fans.
Jonah Stillman, an 18 year old from Minnetonka, will consult the team on best practices for luring “Gen Z”—the generation born starting around 1995 that possess different life experiences and preferences than the Millennials that came before them.
The Star Tribune did a Q&A with Stillman, who currently works as a generational consultant with his father, David.
Earlier this year, TCB wrote about the Stillmans and the upcoming generational shift as millennials move into management positions and have their previous jobs filled by Gen Z—and the potential for those two groups to clash.

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