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Caribou Coffee, Compellent
Best Rebranding

Business to Consumer:
Caribou Coffee

Caribou has recaffeinated. When Mike Tattersfield took over as CEO in 2008, the Brooklyn Park–based coffee vendor seemed a little sluggish. An energetic coffeehouse upbeatnik, Tattersfield brought in new top managers and a willingness to try new ways to wake up the sleepy brand: selling oatmeal for breakfast and new varieties of tea, for instance. That’s helped give Caribou a fresh look and—along with shedding some underperforming stores—profitability.

The culmination of the new regime’s work (at least so far): the new branding it created with Minneapolis marketing agency Colle & McVoy and rolled out this spring. The strategy features a new logo, along with ancillary marketing on cups and light rail train wraps covered top to bottom with sayings and drawings.

The double-espresso upshot: Get zippy. Like Caribou has been doing.


Business to Business:

Eden Prairie–based Compellent, which targets primarily midsize businesses with fast-expanding data requirements, has long touted its storage systems’ ability to manage data. Basically, less-needed stuff gets pushed into lower-energy, lower-maintenance servers, making access to more frequently needed 0s and 1s faster and more efficient. It’s a money-saving approach, but one that’s not always easy to communicate.

This year—working with Minneapolis ad agency Barrie D’Rozario Murphy, which brought a lively B2C sensibility to this B2B project—Compellent introduced the tagline “The Future is Fluid” to make the company’s approach to storage easier to understand. Compellent and its agency have used a number of tools—social media, YouTube videos, QR codes, and microsites (check out—to take the brand to a higher, faster level.