2016 Marvelous Mentors Event Photos

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    2016 Marvelous Mentors Awards

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    2016 Marvelous Mentors Awards

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    2016 Marvelous Mentors Awards

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    2016 Marvelous Mentors Awards

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    2016 Marvelous Mentors Awards

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    2016 Marvelous Mentors Awards

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    Dale Kurschner, Twin Cities Business

  • 08172016_TCBMag_Mentors_7

    Brian Abraham, St Thomas Opus College of Business

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    2016 Marvelous Mentor, Ann H. Barkelew

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    Ann H. Barkelew & Mentee, Karen Bohn

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    2016 Marvelous Mentor, Pam Borton

  • 08172016_TCBMag_Mentors_12

    Pam Borton & Mentee, Diane Yohn

  • 08172016_TCBMag_Mentors_13

    2016 Marvelous Mentor, Sandra Davis

  • 08172016_TCBMag_Mentors_14

    Sandra Davis & Mentee, Susan Marvin

  • 08172016_TCBMag_Mentors_15

    2016 Marvelous Mentor, Reid Porter

  • 08172016_TCBMag_Mentors_16

    Reid Porter & Mentee, Jerry Johnson

  • 08172016_TCBMag_Mentors_17

    2016 Marvelous Mentor, Timothy Welsh

  • 08172016_TCBMag_Mentors_18

    Timothy Welsh & Mentee, Jonathan Keller.

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    2016 Marvelous Mentors Awards

  • A slideshow of images taken during TCB's 2016 Marvelous Mentor Awards, held at the Nicollet Island Pavilion in August 2016.

    2016 Honorees:
    Ann H. Barkelew, Founding General Manager, FleishmanHillard Minnesota
    Presented By: Karen Bohn, President, Galeo Group

    Pam Borton, Senior Coach and Consultant, Borton Partners
    Presented By: Diane M. Yohn, COO, North Star Resource Group

    Sandra Davis, Chair and Founder, MDA Leadership Consulting
    Presented By: Susan Marvin, Vice Chairman, Marvin Windows and Doors

    Reid Porter, Retired, Former CEO of Navarre Corp and CFO of IMC Global, EMC Board Member
    Presented By: Jerry Johnson, President & CEO, Energy Mangement Collabortaive

    Timothy Welsh, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company
    Presented By: Jonathan Keller, CEO, Life Floor

    To read more about the 2016 Marvelous Mentor Honorees, click here.

    Photos by Adam Bettcher Photography.